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‘Minecraft’ Nintendo Switch Edition to Support Larger World Sizes, Run at 60 FPS; North America, Europe Release Date in May

Apr 19, 2017 10:54 AM EDT


4J Studio has recently revealed more information on how the block-base sandbox game is shaping up in the new console. It is said that "Minecraft" Nintendo Switch edition will run at 60 FPS and therefore 13 bigger than the Wii U version, giving players the freedom to world-transfer the size between Switch and Wii U.

Unlike the Wii u console that has only supported the Classic world type, "Minecraft" Nintendo Switch edition opens up more sizes such as Classic (864x864 blocks), Small (1024x1024 blocks), and Medium (3072x3072 blocks). If players decide to play the title on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One game port, there will be one more world option that they can enjoy which is Large (5120x5120 blocks).

 "Minecraft" Nintendo Switch edition is way better than the PlayStation Vita version as the latter was running at approximately 20 to 25 FPS (Frame Per Second) while the Nintendo Switch platform will allow the game to be played in 60 FPS, which is twice higher.

In addition to what has mentioned above, the Vita version also supports the same world size as the Wii U edition. Both of which are 864x864 blocks or what people categorize as Classic world size, way below what "Minecraft" Nintendo Switch edition carries.

PVPLive gives a report that 4J Studio claims that "Minecraft" Nintendo Switch edition will be able to run smoothly at higher frames and provides much larger world size compared to other consoles. Although there are no details on the gameplay performance in Switch, the game studio claims that players will definitely get more exciting gaming experiences.

It has been confirmed that "Minecraft" Nintendo Switch edition release date is due on May 11 for North America launch and on May 12 for Europe region. Players can purchase one on the Nintendo eShop or from any retailers, as reported by Nintendoinsider

Watch this video for "Minecraft" Nintendo Switch edition trailer and release date. Will you play this game? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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