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iPhone 8 News: Bloomberg Now Endorses Speculation That Next iPhone Will Come With Glass & Steel Design

Apr 19, 2017 03:44 AM EDT

As September draws even nearer by the day, more and more speculations are surfacing regarding one of the highly-anticipated smartphones of 2017 — the iPhone 8. And with this latest development, Apple may very well be right on track.

iPhone 8 may finally be harking back to the aesthetics of iPhone 4/iPhone 4s, two variants in which almost everyone went crazy with its design. This crucial development is now corroborated by Bloomberg which recently released a detailed report about the features and specifications of the forthcoming flagship from the Cupertino-based firm. Citing some circles that are familiar with the smartphone's progress, the publication reported will feature a stainless steel frame that will be situated in between symmetrical glass on the device's front and back.

Furthermore, the news outlet revealed that iPhone 8 is expected to be equipped with an OLED display. This ambitious technological undertaking is bound to cover the device's front, well almost entirely. If this turns out accurately, this may be Apple's response to Xiaomi Mi Mix and Samsung Galaxy S8, the latest offerings which boasted nearly bezel-less designs. iPhone 8's display will reportedly be flat while its cover glass will curve right into its stainless steel frame.

MacRumors, via Bloomberg, also shared that iPhone 8's camera system is slated to be revamped. Accordingly, the upcoming unit will be sporting a rear dual-lens camera that is positioned vertically, a gesture that is totally different to that of its predecessor's horizontal placement of camera sensors. Meanwhile, the report indicated that Apple may also be testing dual camera lenses for its front-facing snapper.

Perhaps of iPhone 8's transcendental improvement is involving its fingerprint sensor. But as this remains unconfirmed yet, this information has to be taken with a grain of salt. The report from the publication indicated that the sensor might be embedded right onto its display. However, it also stated that this feat is becoming quite a technical challenge for the company and might not end up on its final rendering. As such, Bloomberg is satisfied to reveal that Apple might not be ready to release the premium iPhone 8 on the purported September event.

Given these speculations, iPhone 8 might get unveiled two months after September. The firm is scheduled to release 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch iterations along with the high-end variant. They should run iOS 11 and are bound to be powered by the company's powerful, proprietary chipset.

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