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Some Galaxy S8 Displays In Korea Suffer From Bizarre Red Discoloration

Apr 19, 2017 04:04 AM EDT

A few owners in Korea are announcing a reddish color on their Galaxy S8 screen. The owners that are affected had laid a complaint on the Samsung thread concerning the red tint and the inability to expel it after changing the phone's display settings.

Samsung itself has recognized the reddish tint saying "it can be balanced with the phone itself and It is not a quality issue. In the event that the shading still gives off an impression of being reddish, owners can replace it at the servicing center."

The Samsung Galaxy S8 has been slated for Friday launch internationally, however, the owners who are agitating are the individuals who pre-ordered in Korea. An industry investigator referred to by the report asserted the issue could be because of a color equalization issue created because of utilization of a "dark red AMOLED to reinforce the red."

KoreaHerald revealed that numerous owners have thronged online networking or online forums griping about the issue, whilst a few owners are posting photographs of a red-tinged smartphone together with a typical phone, to demonstrate that the issue holds on.

In other to fix the issue, Samsung produced dark red OLED boards, and this reddish tint on some phones might be because of a glitch in the new procedure. Not all owners are experiencing this issue, however, the report clarifies that Samsung's Galaxy S8 OLED board utilizes two sub-pixels - blue green and red green and this represents the danger of having a color equalization issue because of two greens Gadgets.

It is recommended that Samsung took this rushy choice to produce the smartphone in large quantity and it neglected to modify the color equalization. In the meantime, Samsung encouraged the affected owners to visit any nearby servicing center for replacement as quickly as time permits.

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