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iPhone 8 Leaks & Update: Gathered Schematic Design For The Upcoming Apple’s Redesigned Handset

Apr 18, 2017 09:56 AM EDT

Apple's upcoming redesigned iPhone 8 is now the main subject debate by some tech enthusiasts. The company's unreleased iPhones traditionally leaked long before they were officially announced on stage.

Last Monday, April 17, Phone Arena shared some leaked schematics the supposedly show Apple's final iPhone 8 design. The schematics and design theory came from inside one of Foxconn's factories which they will presumably be used in the actual manufacturing process that will soon be made.

Speculations have been made that the 3D models of Apple's upcoming new flagship iPhone, in which it will feature the company's first new iPhone design in three years. Back in 2015 and 2016, Apple reused the same iPhone design it first introduced on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus way back in 2014.

There are two things, in particular, stand out from the leaked schematic and 3D models for the upcoming iPhone 8. First, Apple plans to embed the fingerprint reader into the display; iPhone 8 will be the first widely available smartphone to include an in-display fingerprint reader. Second, it was noted that there was lack of curved edges reports from the upcoming iPhone 8's screen; several solid reports from mainstream media have stated that the sides of the iPhone 8's display will be slightly curved, perhaps following the curvature of the phone's 2.5D glass face.

According to iFanr, apart from the unsightly vertical dual camera configuration, the proposed iPhone 8 design will mark an impressive leap beyond Apple's previous designs; which all include massive bezels surrounding its display. Some reports claimed that the side buttons of the upcoming iPhone 8 will not be mechanical. Users cannot press them down but will feel haptic when they adjust its volume or turn on the device. Its power button will be long enough to be used for two different functions; Touch ID will be embedded under the screen and its dual camera setup on the back could be laid out in a vertical fashion.

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