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Sketched Images Of Apple's iPhone 8 Spotted With All Front-Facing Components Integrated Behind OLED Display

Apr 19, 2017 03:24 AM EDT

Latest updates reveal that sketchy drawings showcasing the iPhone 8 with amazing speculations have been circulating online lately. According to reports, the sketchy images that have been circulating online reveals what is said to be the prototype design of the iPhone 8 along with renders and technical measurement drawings.

The sketched drawings show a bezel-less iPhone 8 front dominated by a screen with just 4mm of bezels on every side with Home Button. The picture also showed that the device features camera and speaker integrated behind the screen. However, it is reported that even though the drawings are impressive and could be a legit look on the upcoming flagship devices, the original source of the information is not known, and the details are questionable.

According to 9to5mac, the current update is from the website the report state that the website does not have a history with Apple rumors, thus making the update a little bit doubtful. But similar updates reportedly based on a Foxconn leak were made late last week. It is reported that the new drawings of the upcoming iPhone 8 seem to be based on the same source, but the new leak claims that the device will have a full-frame bezel-less screen with just 4mm on each side and rounded corners.

The sketched images indicate that the developer will be able to include all of the other front-facing components underneath the OLED display like the selfie front camera, fingerprint sensor home button, the 3D depth sensors and a speaker. Many tech enthusiasts believe that even though there is currently no contrary details, the practicability of this idea could be impossible.

Techi reported that the sketch images of the upcoming iPhone 8 revealed so many potential speculations for the front of the device, but the update also revealed some amazing features for the rear. The new leak showed that there is no rear Touch ID and also depict the camera flash in a different vertical position sitting between the two irises. This is interpreted to allow the two cameras support optical image stabilization.

It is reported that that previous leaks reveal symmetric antenna lines in each corner and the flash at the bottom of the vertical dual-camera system. The developer is expected to unveil the iPhone 8 at a media event later this year.

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