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iPhone 8 Latest News & Update: Top Analyst Reveals Apple May Delay Shipment, To Ditch Touch ID Technology?

Apr 18, 2017 09:37 AM EDT

The upcoming iPhone 8 may be dealing with a possible late shipment or may be forced to eliminate Touch ID feature, newest speculations from the grapevine have revealed. And if you're one of those consumers who are getting used to the new technology feature, you may be needing to adjust a little as Apple is yet to finalize an embedded fingerprint recognition for the OLED-based iPhone 8.

Apple Insider shares that Andy Hargreaves, Equity Research Analyst with Pacific Crest Securities has noted "At this point, we do not believe Apple's optical finderprint module provider has firm orders for production, suggesting Apple does not have the functionality of the optical fingerprint sensor ready. Additionally, we believe Apple evaluated Synaptic's optical fingerprint solution but has been disqualified." Further reports suggest that even if Apple can fix this issue in the next month or so, this would still translate into a delay for the iPhone 8 launch.

Hargreaves further states, "If it is not able to solve the problem in that time frame, Apple may be forced to eliminate the fingerprint sensor technology for the iPhone 8 altogether." Comments from Hargreaves seem to also have the same sentiment as another analyst, Cowen and Company's Timothy Arcuri.

Other reports from Forbes indicate that Apple will be removing the "Home" button for the 5.8-inch iPhone 8. As a replacement, Apple is rumored to be integrating a "function area" on the device. Meanwhile, other reports suggest that Apple will be using its own Authentec technology with Privaris glass identification. This will create the new fingerprint technology for the OLED version of the latest iPhone. This also suggest that it is possible to tap anywhere on the device which means the fingerprint scanner could be built anywhere in the display of the iPhone 8.

On the other hand, some reports also claim that having this feature means that the Touch ID functionality could be built into the "function area". Unfortunately, with news claiming of some issues regarding the new fingerprint scanner technology, Apple is most likely to start production of the iPhone 8 by September 2017. Consumers and fans of the iPhone 8 would have to wait until its possible release on November 2017.

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