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Facebook Update: 2017 F8 Developer Conference Is Now Live; Possible Updates & Improvements in Social VR, Messenger Apps & More

Apr 18, 2017 12:04 PM EDT

Considered as the most powerful social media today, Facebook grows much stronger over the years. In its 2017 F8 Developer Conference started today, April 18 and will last until April 19, there are several updates that everyone is waiting for.

Social VR

With the launching of the 360-degree camera at F8 last year, everyone is now expecting that Facebook should also adopt the Social VR. This app will allow you to chat with your friends in virtual different places around the world and you can even take virtual selfies. However, Mashable reported that Social VR might not happen anymore. It was due to lack of studies, equipment and killer apps to support it.

Chatbots and Messenger App

This year's F8 Developer Conference, Facebook Messenger, as always, would be one of the center topics of the event. The latest update of "M" the personal assistant could be the highlights to improve from Messenger app.

According to DigitalTrends, Facebook is planning to expand the chatbots from helping one sure to groups. That means, created group chats will be beneficial to all news updates such as sports news, e-commerce and much more.

Fake News

Everyone is now aware of spreading fake news online, especially in social media particularly in Facebook. This could be on the top priority topic of the 2017 F8 Developers Conference since it was a serious matter. However, Facebook already took a step to prevent this in giving guides on how to spot the fake news and flag it. Engadget is expecting that Facebook will raise awareness regarding the recent Facebook stream about the murder in Cleveland that shook the social media world. Hopefully, the company will able to release several solutions on how to prevent the issue.

Others like the offline use of Instagram, Facebook Live and 360-degree video are included in the main topics of the event. Through the 2017 F8 Developers Conference, everyone could expect that Facebook would be more useful and trusted social media these upcoming years.

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