May 15, 2021 | Updated: 08:45 AM EDT

Instagram Feature Update: Pinterest-Like Collection Tool Now Available In iOS & Android

Apr 18, 2017 11:55 AM EDT

Instagram is one of the leading social media nowadays. To maintain the high ratio of users, the company rolled out its latest update, the Instagram 10.16 version. From saving posts tool, the app added the "collection" feature.

It has been a while since Instagram made an update that consists of the ability to save posts. DigitalTrends reported that 46 percent of users have saved at least one post since the app had its update, says the Instagram. Therefore, this could one of the reasons why Instagram decide to upgrade its app into a more organized social network.

Instagram released its latest update, the Instagram 10.16 version with a simple yet exciting feature. This tool is part of Pinterest's feature, a social media made for saving and collecting user's posts. Instagram calls it "Collections".

With Instagram 10.16 version, you can now save and make your own collections or categories for your posts. There's a bookmark icon in a saved post, and you can choose to add it in one of your collection or make a new one. For example, you found a food picture in your Instagram feed. Instead of just saving it, you can now create a folder, naming it "foods" and put the post in there. You do not have to go over with your save history to find it, all you need is go to your "food" folder.

However, Engadget reminded the users that this new feature could be a problem for Instagram's shopping ads. When you want to save and put that classy dress post in your collection folder, you might have to buy that outfit.

According to MacRumors, none of your collected posts is public. You are the only one who can view your saved and collected posts unless you want to share those with others individually. Aside from organizing your collections, Instagram secures your account's privacy. iOS and Android users can now experience the latest update of Instagram since it was rolled out last Monday.

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