Feb 24, 2021 | Updated: 05:41 PM EST

Moto Z Play News Will Be Updated Soon To Android 7.1.1

Apr 18, 2017 03:57 AM EDT

Moto Z Play is the updated version of Moto Z. It has 16MP 2160p camera, 5.5" 1080x1920 pixel display, 3 GB RAM and 3510mAh battery along with Snapdragon 625 processor that makes it an All in one package will get Android update.

According to The Android Soul, Motorola brought the Android Nougat v7.0 update for Moto Z Play last month. This update included many new features such as Doze mode to increase battery backup, multi-window capability, customized quick settings and a "clear all" button to close all active tabs. It also included many bug fixes for the stock android. With this Motorola proved they had much more in store for this device.

After chatting with the customer support, an XDA forum user confirmed that a new Android update is in the making. Although no confirms the release date could be made. A chance always remains that the user was misinformed. But one thing is clear; Motorola has no reasons to hold further updates for this device.

However, there are no sure talks about the Android O. Android Nougat aren't a bad OS to be struck on anyway. Those who are too excited to get the new update (and are brave enough) are taking help of Custom ROMs to meet their desires.  So the best chances are that the Moto Z Play users won't suffer much if they can't jump on the Android O by the end of this year. This is all that has been made official till now, as per GSMArena.

Motorola has been one of the most consistent companies in terms of both budget and flagship devices. It is one of the first companies that get all the latest Android updates. So we can only hope that any recent update of Android will surely be rolled on the Moto Z play. The rest of the facts can only be verified by patience.

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