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Nokia-Google Partnership: HMD Global Ramps Up Efforts For Ambitious Android Campaign

Apr 18, 2017 03:38 AM EDT


HMD Global is aiming big, likely a hangover from the reception that the resurrected Nokia 3310 had. Now, the company hopes to resurrect another (rival) brand in the Google Nexus. To make that happen, the company will need to turn the right knobs to convince the search giant company to partner up.

One thing going for HMD Global is that positive impact the Nokia 3310 had. They do have other phones planned such as the Nokia 3, Nokia 5 and Nokia 6. All are Android-based phones though it may take more than that to convince Google to pair up.

Among the problems that Nokia may focus on in is the timely release of Android updates ahead of other mobile phone companies. It has been a recurring problem that has yet to be resolved so that could be HMD Global’s pitch. Considering they just started rebuilding the Nokia brand, the guess is on as to how they can resort to such, Know Your Mobile reported.

A hurdle could come in the form of Samsung. The Korean company has been long tied up with Google though it may only be a matter of time before Samsung bolts out of the partnership. When one compares the fortunes of Samsung and Nokia, the difference is pretty wide. There was a time when Nokia dominated the market but all that has since changed.

The evolution of the smartphone segment could be blamed but HMD Global knows it cannot use that as an excuse. They need to come up with something, a team that can work on the Android OS and pairs that up with the Finnish brand. Based on the reception of the consumer electronics market, Nokia is still one of the popular brands most would seriously consider.

If all goes well, Nokia and Google could finally come up with the Android phone most have long wanted, BGR reported. The marriage could be a match made in heaven where the mobile phone market will be the ultimate beneficiaries.

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