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2017 Xiaomi Mi 6: Check Out Specs, Features, Price & Expected Release Date

Apr 18, 2017 05:35 AM EDT


Each and every Diehard Android Lovers would have probably already heard about the recent flash rumor stating that the trendy and most expected new device is about to troll on smartphone Industry. It is no other than Xiaomi Mi6 which is about to unveil this week with well-marketed Innovation that adds all sort of features. 

Being an architecturally astonishing device, it strongly dominates the mid-range Smartphones in the market by means of incredible features. According to Xiaomi Today, it is equipped with long lasting battery life high Dimension dual camera along with premium Build material, pencil thin dimension and much more. Xiaomi Mi6 is powered by octa-core processor with a pack of 64 Gb of internal storage which could not be expanded 

As far as the cameras are concerned of Xiaomi Mi 6, it has been well-equipped with 12 mega pixel Rear camera along with 8 megapixel Front cameras. And one more interesting thing is, the rear camera comes with selfie Assist feature that enables face detection cues before shooting the selfies. In order to have Fireproof, waterproof, and dust resistance, it is powered by gorilla glass with a Dual sim, as per Phone arena.

Additionally, it offers the wide variety of features that has been run on Android 7.1 with snapdragon 835 versions on an evergreen 4000 MAH non-removable battery.  As far as the connectivity is the concern, it provides numerous options such as standard Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GSM, Headphones and much more. Moreover, Xiaomi Mi 6 comes with white, pearl and midnight Black with an affordable price of 29,000INR.

Science and Technology will definitely add values to your life. And this device does just that with an extraordinary innovation will certainly go beyond your expectations. No more doubt that Xiaomi Mi6 will be the best smartphone. Meanwhile, for more updates on Xiaomi Mi 6 stay tuned with us!

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