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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 News Update: Leak Image to Show Device Concept Design; Model Resembles Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

Apr 17, 2017 11:35 AM EDT

After the success of Samsung Galaxy S8, the Korean corporation is now turning its focus into its note flagship. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 leak image has surfaced online, revealing the device's concept design that resembles a lot like the Galaxy S8.

Fans can see from the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 leak image that the device will also remove the physical home button and has a thin bezel and curve edges. Being one of Samsung's note families, this phablet will, of course, bring in the latest virtual AI, Bixby as well as the S-Pen in its body.

According to HiTechGazette, Benjamin Geskin, an artist who created the concept design of Samsung's latest note as shown in Samsung Galaxy Note 8 leak image, reveals that Galaxy note 8 will measure 6.4-inch display screen with 18:9 ratio, carrying a 4K resolution. Features like Iris scanner and fingerprint sensor will also be included alongside with a dual camera setup and stereo speakers.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 leak image might not hint about the spec and the display screen that this phablet uses. Many have speculated claiming that the gadget will also use the curved screen display just like the Galaxy S8. There's no confirmation about this from Samsung's side, but seeing the fact that the Galaxy S8' curved display is a howling success, the chance to employ that technology in the Galaxy Note 8 is high.

With the similar design as shown in Samsung Galaxy Note 8 leak image, fans have wondered how this Korean manufacturer would differentiate its Galaxy Note 8 with its Galaxy S8 Plus. Another question is also raised regarding its slim design that some considered isn't going to fit for the S-Pen, as reported by ValueWalk.

There isn't much information that fans can get from Samsung Galaxy Note 8 leak image despite the fact that it will bear the same look with the Galaxy S8. The South-Korean company, up until now, hasn't said anything to answer fans' questions.

The video below contains the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 leak image. Which one do you prefer, the Galaxy S8 or Galaxy Note 8? Leave a comment and don't forget on share this on your social media account.

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