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NES Classic Edition Discontinuation Could be Temporary, NES To Return For Holiday Season; Stock Spotted on eBay

Apr 17, 2017 06:12 AM EDT


The gaming community got a surprise when Nintendo announced to discontinue the Nintendo NES Classic Edition. Not surprisingly, the value of the retro console has skyrocketed to record highs. However, latest reports and speculations says that the NES Classic Edition might make a U-turn.

According to Forbes contributor Paul Tassi, there is a possibility that the NES Classic Edition might get a return for the holiday season. In his article, he has mentioned that Nintendo might have pulled the plug to regroup and restock the NES Classic Edition for the upcoming season.

On the other hand, According to Ubergizmo, there have been some indications that the discontinuation could be temporary as spotted on Nintendo Japan's website for the Famicom Classic Edition. On the website Nintendo wrote that production had ended "for now", and they would inform customers when production resumes.

For the price hike, as spotted by Kotaku Australia, it looks like the NES Classic Edition has been listed quite a few times on eBay. On this website, resellers are hiking up the prices by 40% or even higher than that due to the fact that they know these consoles will soon no longer be available.

The publication also noted that the average price for the sought after NES Classic Edition reached a staggering $352.20 in April. However, the data shows a stark contrast to last month's numbers when the NES only averaged $143.73 in several online resellers.

Apart from the NES Classic Edition's holiday resurrection, Forbes contributor Tassi also noted that the possibility of the NES bogging down Nintendo's production lines. Despite of its success, the system might have been too exhausting to keep up.

For example, there have been many shortages in the NES Classic Edition's lifespan. The high demand and low profit might have forced them to stop its production.

Nevertheless, whatever the reason is, gamers are hoping that this is not the end for the NES Classic Edition. Stay tuned to Droid Report for more updates.

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