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T-Mobile 600 MHz Spectrum to Boost LTE Coverage, Reaching the Entire US in December 2017

Apr 15, 2017 10:22 AM EDT


T-Mobile 600 MHz Spectrum is like a dream comes true for the company for the frequencies will bring a big boost to its LTE Coverage. With the new frequencies it won, T-Mobile will be able to cover the US and Puerto Rice, something that it hasn't been able to do before.

T-Mobile 600 MHz Spectrum is longer range frequencies compared to the airwave below 1 GHz, the frequencies that the company's service wave is concentrated. Once the T-Mobile 600 MHz Spectrum is used, its coverage in the US will be equal to Verizon's.

The company's spokesperson has said regarding T-Mobile 600 MHz Spectrum that it will build out the network in 2017 and by the end of this year; T-Mobile will be able to reach 100% or the entire US.

The company gave out nearly $8 billion to win the T-Mobile 600 MHz Spectrum from the auction on March 20, 2017, in which held by FCC and announced the result of the auction on April 13. By winning the frequencies, T-mobile secured about 45 percent of available spectrum for the third-largest carrier.

According to Phonearena, the company with its T-Mobile 600 MHz Spectrum will have more available wireless frequencies rate than the U.S. Dish Networks with $6 billion and Comcast with its $1.7 Billion. T-Mobile 600 MHz Spectrum application also has a limiting factor as there are no devices that can operate in that airwave.

Although Qualcomm has announced its 600 MHz chipsets, there's no guarantee that it will be released into a significant number of mobiles during 2017. The actual transition of those television channels into wireless airwaves, however, will take three years to complete. Whatever reasons hinder the development of T-Mobile 600 MHz Spectrum, the longer-range-frequencies will bring many advantages to the company as it can reach more rural or distance areas, as reported by eWeek.

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