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LG G6 Confirmed To Recieve A 3D Facial Scanning Feature In June

Apr 15, 2017 10:18 AM EDT

Recent updates have revealed that LG G6 will likely sport a 3D facial scanning feature. According to reports, the developer will possibly incorporate a 3D facial scanning feature in its flagship device in June. Not long after the device hit store shelves, the LG G6 is now expected to include an additional security feature in a couple of months time.

Although the device already has a fingerprint scanner, a recent report from an investor states that the LG G6 will also feature a 3D facial scanning feature. But the software update is expected to start rolling out in June.

According to Android Headlines, the developer is collaborating with the popular Korean facial recognition company Oez that will incorporate the OezFR face scanning solution into the LG G6. The report also stated that LG has already conducted a various test in order to check if Oez's facial recognition solution is compatible with the LG G6.

LG is probably not the only developer that is expected to incorporate this feature in its smartphone as words on the street suggest that Apple is also working towards using the same feature in future devices, according to Techradar. It is reported that the developer would likely connect the upcoming facial scanning feature in LG G6 with its LG Pay service, which is expected to launch in a few months time.

Although there has not been any official statement confirming this speculation from the developer, it is believed that if the reports are to be considered, LG G6 will be the first smartphone to incorporate the facial scanning feature for mobile payments. As fans already know, the mobile payments are conducted via the fingerprint scanner.

Most people believe that the facial scanning feature can easily be tricked since the device can simply be unlocked through a photograph. But it is reported that LG G6 users need not worry as the contactless authentication solution of Oez's scanner has robust security measures and it is said that the service is already compatible with several third-party software.

Meanwhile, reports have it that Oez's facial scanning feature is an intuitive service to use and that the software is not heavier than 5MB, which will possibly make it easier to roll out over-the-air (OTA) to compatible devices. However, just like the LG G6 facial scanning feature, the developer is expected to launch its payment system in June based on the details revealed by the developer to Reuters in March. Read More: Google Collaborates With Banks To Integrate Android Pay In Mobile Banking Apps

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