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iPhone 8 ABLE Unit System to Make the Battery Life Longer by Predicting Users’ Action; Specs, Features Reviewed

Apr 14, 2017 11:06 AM EDT


iPhone 8 ABLE Unit is Apple 's mean to improve its device's battery life without having to increase the battery capacity. The iPhone 8 ABLE unit running within the operating system will constantly calculate the battery consumption history and adapt it to extend the battery life.

The iPhone 8 ABLE Unit works by predicting users' behavior in using and recharging the battery. The system will, later on, store up information about owners' charge and discharge rates history, using that data to determine whether or not the battery will last until the next recharge cycle.

In an emergency situation, the iPhone 8 ABLE Unit will also instruct the system to terminate or postpone any energy-sucking tasks such as content download, video streaming, or system update to save up the battery life. If owners will go onboard a flight, the iPhone 8 ABLE Unit will automatically change into airplane mode as if it can predict the users' action.

iPhone 8 ABLE Unit, basically is designed to predict owners' action and adjust accordingly to that behavior, meaning whether users are at the office or a coffee shop, the technology can adapt the battery consumption. What makes the iPhone 8 ABLE Unit amazing is the fact that this system's prediction will go unnoticed by owners.

In terms of overcharging that leads to overheating, iPhone 8 ABLE Unit can also prevent that by monitoring whether or not the device being charged is in good condition. According to BGR, Apple's application of this technology is to avoid the battery-related explosion that happened to the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 fiasco.

It's not clear, however, if the iPhone 8 ABLE Unit will be employed in iOS or MacOS. If this system will truly come to the iOS, then the iPhone 8 specs will look even more amazing. Unverified news claim that Apple's latest device will feature a bezel-less design, sporting a 5.8-inch OLED display with front-facing Touch ID beneath the display.

The Smartphone's front panel will be covered with 2.5D curved glass and surrounded by a metal frame on the back. There's also a report said that the selfie cam will be hidden underneath the screen, making it invincible and the phone will support wireless charging, as reported by 9TO5Mac. Combined with the iPhone 8 ABLE Unit, Apple will create the best mobile ever, but this information still hasn't got any verification from Apple's side so it's best not let the hope high about the iPhone 8 ABLE Unit news.  

To know more about the latest leaks of iPhone 8, please watch the video below. In which device do you think Apple will use the ABLE Unit? Is it in iOS or MacOS? Let us know your thoughts.

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