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Google Photos For Android Introduces New Filters, Electronic Video Stabilization, Latest Photo Editing Tools, Here’s How It Works

Apr 13, 2017 11:16 AM EDT


Google Photos is one of the most interesting apps available on iOS and Android devices. This is a multi-purpose app that allows users to organize the videos and photos. Also, it works as a gallery. Interestingly, the Android version of this app has received a recent app. Due to this, it has included several features such as electronic video stabilization, photo editing tools and more.

The Google Photos app allows users to edit photos such as crop, add filters, adjust brightness and so on. However, the latest update has something new to offer. Google has come up with a new set of dynamic filters using which the user can enhance the images. Moreover, the update isn't complicated. Users just need to tap on the app and get the desired result. There is an advanced tool included in the update that allows users to change color, brightness and more.

Adding filters have become really easy. To do that users need to open Google Photos, select image, tap on the edit button. A strip of filters appears at the bottom that includes, palma, auto, reel, blush, Eiffel, metro and west, BGR reported. Users can also make fine adjustments even after adding filters. Coming to stabilizing videos, a lot of smartphones offer Optical Image Stabilization or OIS. But there are smartphones that don't offer such features. Google has come to their rescue.

As per Phone Arena, the new update adds a video stabilization feature. To stabilize videos, users need to open Google Photos, select video, and tap on edit option. Users get two options, to stabilize the video e or to rotate it. However, the stabilization feature takes some time to work depending on the video size. Interestingly, the Google Photos feature stabilize videos to an extent that removes the jerks making it smooth.

The latest version of Google Photos is available on Google Play Store so users can right away update it. As for iOS app users, there is no news about the update being available now. However, there has been some performance improvements in it.

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