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Xbox One Project Scorpio Image Prototype Finally Out, Pic Reveals An Awesome Compact Console

Apr 13, 2017 08:01 AM EDT

In the light of the recent Project Scorpio information doing round the internet, the first images of the device development kit has been revealed by Gamasutra. Since this is just a development kit, gamers don't need to be too happy. It simply doesn't give an idea how the actual product would look.

The development kit would be able to transfer entire game kits six to seven times faster, than what the Xbox One could do.According to Digital Trends, as per Mike Rayner, the Coalition technical director, the entire 45 minute transfer can be done now in just a couple of minutes. That's not all, the high speed transfer cable would also work with Xbox One and S development kits. The plan of renewal of the Scorpio that was left in 2013 began three years ago. In fact, the plan was to include better characteristics in Scorpio with the aim to support the era of HDR and 4K as well as provide good support to Xbox users.

Gamasutra recently struck a conversation with Xbox One chief, Phil Spencer and talking about upcoming Microsoft gaming console, GameSpot reported. Among various topics, Spencer also talked about how he admires Scorpio as part of the Xbox One family. "[Xbox One] games will run on Scorpio," he stated. "Any hardware peripheral you have, any game, any app; it is part of the Xbox One family," Phil said.

He further added,"Even when you set [Scorpio] on top of your One, it directly portmaps. Like, you literally plug power in, plug HDMI in, it's all exactly the same," he continued, before adding that he doesn't want to disappoint fans who already own an Xbox One: "We have millions of customers that have made a commitment to the Xbox One generation." Spencer also claimed that Microsoft isn't forcing any developer to work with Scorpio. He clearly mentioned that the tech giant has no plans of forcing developers to perform Scorpio specific work.

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