Apr 02, 2020 | Updated: 10:23 AM EDT

AMD Vega Specs Update: AMD Vega is Main Reason For NVIDIA's Recently Launched Monster GPU

Apr 13, 2017 07:56 AM EDT


The release of the another monster from NVIDIA, Titan GeForce XP GPU, is an indication that AMD Vega is more than what a typical GPU that GTX 1080 Ti cannot handle. Apparently, the AMD Vega is said to be more powerful than the AMD Polaris used in the previous RX cards.

AMD is about to steal the crown from NVIDIA for the best GPU as their much-rumored Vega-based cards are about to be released few weeks. AMD Vega is AMD's new architecture which succeeds Polaris and now expected to regain to be a catalyst of change to the company's stocks, as per the Seeking Alpha.

Fans of Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti have freaked out over the release of another NVIDIA GPU just to battle the AMD Vega. In fact, a commenter who goes by the name of Gabriel Gary said that the new NVIDIA GPU is an irrational release, as noted by Tweak Town.

Moreover, the commenter has added that the new NVIDIA GPU is a Quadro card and it's useless for the gamers. Apart from that, he also points out the AMD Vega based GPUs are surely going to be excellent GPUs ever. 

In many ways, the Vega-based GPU will help in getting back the leadership of AMD on the said platform since 2006. The high-end graphics cards from AMD are expected to be powered by high-end bandwidth memory of 4GB and 8GB alongside Liquid VR technology.

The forthcoming AMD Vega is considered more powerful than the RX series using Polaris architecture because of its capacity to deliver fully immersive gaming performance. Also, the card's capability in delivering 4k display smoothly is also remarkable.

Getting from AMD Vega's rumors specs, it appears that having HBM2 memory is an advantage compared to GDRR5 memory. This is probably is the reason why NVIDIA releases another GPU along with GTX 1080 Ti which has 11GB GDDR5X memory.

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