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iPhone 8 Extra Feature Revealed; It Could Change The Apple History

Apr 13, 2017 05:08 AM EDT

Before the iPhone 8 have its first release, Apple might add one more feature to ensure that its newest flagship will be on the top. It could not be as groundbreaking as any other features, but it is somehow could change the history of the company: the dual-SIM feature.

Mobile devices with dual-SIM are now in demand that proves an essential feature for most of the users. Samsung and other mobile company decided to follow what the market is asking for. Now, for the first time, Apple might add dual-SIM card slot to the upcoming iPhone 8. If the company pursue its plan, then it could be the first-ever iPhone featuring the dual-SIM. It could change the Apple's history and it could be a big help to reach the top spot in the market.

Science World Report showed the documented released patent application 20170094628 of the United States Patent and Trademark Office. It proves that Apple wants to include the dual-SIM feature. As what we expect, iPhones, particularly the iPhone 8 will be on the list as well as the Apple Watch.

BGR explained why Apple doesn't support a dual-SIM device in its iPhone. The company wanted to replace the regular SIMS and turn it to eSIMs that could give more space to its device. It has been years but the dream plan hasn't yet pursued since the Apple is in need of carriers to support them. Now, the company has its interest to the dual-SIM feature for iPhone 8.

Apple users expect that iPhone 8 will arrive with 5.8-inch OLED display. Aside from this, the device will release with iOS 11 software, 256GB or 64 with 3GB RAM and Apple A11 processor. Other exciting features such as long-range wireless charging, latest Intel LTE modem, and Integrated Touch ID are part of iPhone 8.

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