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Android Pay Available For The 1st Time Within 5 Mobile Banking Apps

Apr 13, 2017 03:05 AM EDT

The Android Pay is now available within the mobile banking apps of five international banks. These are Bank of America, USAA, Bank of New Zealand, Discover, and mBank. It is a first for the pay system of devices running on Android OS.

Slightly Different Integration

Owners of Android devices would notice the Android Pay option would show up in their regularly used banking apps, Tech Crunch reports. The integration is slightly different for each app of the five banks. Google’s focus was to facilitate adding cards to Android Pay from within the banking app.

By adding more financial institutions to Android Pay, Google hopes to offer some competition to Apple Pay which has been dominating the market. By the end of 2017, Apple Pay is expected to have 86 million users, almost twice the number compared to 12 months ago, according to Juniper Research which released a report this week.

Deactivating A Card Possible

Android Pay users are expected to reach 24 million, while Samsung Pay users could hit 34 million by the end of 2017. Besides contactless payments, Android Pay could be used for online payment on websites that support the service, Uber Gizmo adds. In some banks, card owners could deactivate a card from their phone and pick Android Pay as their new default card. But it is limited to managing the cards associated with a specific bank. For example, a Chase cad could only be deleted using a Chase app.

With Android Pay, all the device owner has to do is tap to pay at millions of stores that support NFC-enabled terminals. After paying with the app, users would immediately receive a notification after every transaction. Google says the app works even if devices do not have the standalone Android Pay application installed on the smartphone. It says more banking applications would be supported in the future, Android Police reports.

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