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Samsung Galaxy S8 Latest News & Update: Fingerprint Reader Flaw Causing Grave Discomfort To Users, Issue To Be Fixed In Galaxy Note 8

Apr 13, 2017 02:13 AM EDT

The Samsung Galaxy S8 has been a hit in a sense but far from perfect. Considering the Korean giant is out to make amends, the latest flagship pegged to make up for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 debacle comes a feature short of making a great overall first impression.

Some may not see it but a closer look at the Samsung Galaxy S8 could shed more light on the flaw, Forbes reported. This is in reference to the fingerprint sensor which is now one of the advanced security features most handsets offer. Traditionally, this would be integrated with the physical home button of a smartphone. But with Samsung eliminating that, the fingerprint sensor has been relocated to the rear portion of the device.

At first, that may not be a big deal. But situating the fingerprint sensor near the rear camera has now drawn criticism. That includes forcing owners to have an inconvenient grip on the Samsung Galaxy S8, not to mention an odd way to unlock the device due to its tall make.

Aside from that, the rear camera of the Samsung Galaxy S8 has become collateral damage. The relocation of the sensor would invite accidental touches on the camera, potentially hampering quality shots. Samsung has added a warning message to remind owners to clean the lenses occasionally though it could have been avoided had they not rushed its release, Mashable pointed out.

A lot of this depends on how users place a premium on the security feature. The iris scanner is still around and there is the traditional key-in of codes to unlock the Samsung Galaxy S8. In a way, the fingerprint scanner has become a neat feature gone to waste due to the poor location.

Looking ahead, Samsung could fix the problem with the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. That means the Korean company will have to make up for two devices that came up short though the Galaxy S8 hardly disappoints outside the faulty fingerprint sensor location.

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