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Huawei Mate 9 Tested The Latest Mobile Operating System, ‘Android O’

Apr 13, 2017 02:28 AM EDT


Mobile technophiles around the globe has something to be excited for once again, the upcoming release of the latest android operating system, Android O. Apparently, Huawei will be the first non-Google OEM to test it in their flagship device, Mate 9. Android is one of the leading mobile operating systems and it seems to be ahead of Windows and iOS as far as market share is concerned. As the latest OS will be tested by China's giant phone maker, its strong foothold in the market may not only be in the US but also on Asia, as well.

According to Phone Arena, the successor of Android Nougat is being tested on the Mate 9. The Chinese tech giant has already release internal builds of this latest OS for its flagship device. They have adjusted its EMUI relative to the operating system requirements. Further report states that the Android O test build has two language options at the moments, such as English and Mandarin Chinese. As soon as Google releases the final version, Huawei will push through testing it on their latest device.

Meanwhile, XDA reports provided a first-hand glimpse of what to expect to the next version of Android. An XDA senior member uncovered the device's ROM and showcased that the EMUI 5.1 version is a tenth higher than the last update in order to optimize performance and stability.  The EMUI update also aims to make use of all the development the Android O has to offer. Google's Play Store also worked through side-loading at this early stage.

In addition to this, GSM Arena also reported that as the latest OS is tested on China's premier phablet, unique features have been confirmed to be working on the device. There might be no clear roadmap to the Mate 9 latest OS iteration as of to date; nevertheless, it appears that they are determined to be on top of other non-Google OEMs' rivals in providing consumers with the innovative main device updates.

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