Apr 21, 2021 | Updated: 08:45 AM EDT

GTA V: A New Online Game Mode 'Land Grab' Now Available

Apr 13, 2017 06:37 AM EDT

After adding the latest content to Grand Theft Auto V last month, such as 20 additional stunt races, Rockstar Games introduced a new game mode for online today. The newest game mode is referred to as ''Land Grab'' that is available to play right now for a restricted time. It seems like there is a lot to be enthusiastic about GTA V players!

Rockstar games announced that there is a brand new method to play the GTA V multiplayer mode, and it comes like that of ''Land Grab''. This latest game mode is a team versus team war mode that permits as much as 4 groups to struggle it out in a few stylish neon suits!.

Nevertheless, this is the outline from Rockstar about the game: "taking possession of one's inheritance on ''GTA V'', its new method of attack in Grand Theft Auto. In ''GTA V'' every second is very significant as teams struggle to take control of the battlefield: attack the next man in the head, grasp his layer shoot and repeat. Would the team not attack, the other may go after for them" reported Game Spot.

However, the official website also defined how groups in ''Land Grab'' will win the game mode saying, "the group with the maximum territory at the end of the game becomes champions." This new Grand Theft Auto online adversary mode sounds a bit like Tron and could be more fulfilling as well as a pop of coloration to the game.

The ''GTA V Land Grab'' have several maps recently added for the groups to fight it out within the battle for territory. Players are able to take possession of the territory by running over the land that belongs to the other group(s), and in doing so, this territory will turn the similar color of neon of the winning players. Meanwhile, players on the team that is successful receive RP point and Grand Theft Auto coins. ''Land Grab'' is available now until April 24th.

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