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Apple iPad 2017 Tops Firm’s Tablet Offering, Sweeps iPad Air 2

Apr 13, 2017 03:25 AM EDT


Apple has stored a lot in its arsenal this year and its line-up of its new tech products have been promising and exciting, giving fans more thrills about the launch of these latest installments. But in the battle of tablet offering, the Apple iPad 2017 was in perfect position to gain the top priority of the tech giant, leaving iPad Air 2 below the list along with other products such as iPad Mini 4.

Surely, every Apple device is a force to reckon with but there is something with the Apple iPad 2017 that pushed the firm to put it above of the competition against other models especially the now-deteriorated iPad Air 2. Despite the new iPhone launch getting much of the attention, this latest edition called surprisingly just "iPad," has a lot of new and exciting features that will push you upgrade to this device.

The Apple iPad 2017, which is expected to be 9.7-inch in size, has two different weights for its two different models: 469g for its Wi-Fi only models while its Wi-Fi and 4G LTE version weighs at 478g. The recent model may have the same weight and size with the already-defunct iPad Air 2 but its new specs and additional futures will not give you regrets to open your pockets.

According to reports, the Apple iPad Air 2 consists of two additional features that make it better compare to iPad Air 2: a brighter Retina display, which gives better resolution and more improved monitors, and a better processor and performance called the A9 processor, upgrading the A8X processor of the iPad Air 2. This new processor present in the device is believed to be 1.6 times faster than any iPad device.

Talking about the aesthetic aspect of the Apple iPad 2017, it is still close to the iPad Air 2 in terms of size, weight, color and dimension. But what provided a thing of beauty for this latest device is its tried and tested design, which includes better hardware and more improved accessory support, while its price is cheaper by about $50 at $421.

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