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Samsung Reportedly To Test The Foldable ‘Galaxy X’ Prototype This Year

Apr 12, 2017 04:06 AM EDT


From a generic flat screen to curvy sides, Samsung continues to lead the evolution of smartphone designs. The Korean tech company kept the style on its 2016 flagship Galaxy S7 edge from its previous Galaxy S6 edge and has made it native to its current flagship which was recently launched last month - the Galaxy S8 series. Now, Samsung is reported will make another leap and will be introducing a dual screen that is foldable.

Korean media The Investor revealed that it received the information from "industry sources" about the prototype by Samsung, allegedly to contain two screens instead of one. Rumors about the foldable smartphones have been circulating the internet for months now, and with this latest speculation, it just gets better and better.

The industry insiders also said that Samsung will soon start testing the prototype - which is named as the "Galaxy X". The prototype phone is said to be hinged horizontally in the middle, which allows it to be folded in half when not in use. With the ability of flexible OLED panels which has been utilized by Samsung for years now, this seems absolutely possible.

The Galaxy X prototype phone is also described to apply the similar mechanism like the old school flip phone - which can be opened 180 degrees into a regular smartphone but will be wider in shape instead of longer. Samsung is also reportedly have ordered the components and materials to create the prototype - enough amounts to produce up to 3,000 units. The production may take place in the first half of 2017. While this certainly brings up the hype to the smartphones enthusiasts, it is unlikely that Samsung will immediately release the models with the foldable design in the nearest future.

However, the sources did state that Samsung will release a limited number of the Galaxy X based on the prototype this year - most likely to test the market and obtaining reviews from the public. It is also said that Samsung could very well change the design after the test, depending on the situation.  


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