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Microsoft Cortana Speaker Challenges Alexa Echo By Amazon

Apr 12, 2017 03:40 AM EDT

Technology never settles. To put more emphasis, tech developers also probably never sleeps as they never relent from besting themselves, what more each other? News about the newest competition of the not-so-recently released Alexa Echo Skills powered by Amazon has made a significant breakthrough in the area of home automation technology just last year. Now, Microsoft wanted to be part of the dibs. Not falling further from the tree of standards set by Amazon, the Microsoft Cortana makes its debut in the market.

It was clear that Microsoft wanted to be a leader in Virtual Reality following the footsteps of Sony which launched their own VR device same year of Alexa's release. Cortana, which was already made popular as the reliable digital assistant in bankable gadgets such as Xboxes and Windows phones and computers, will now make a new home out of a Harman Kamon newly designed speaker, as reported by Forbes.

Youtube has taken the liberty of hosting the latest video of Microsoft's smart speaker and it revealed of the what the new Cortana programmed device boasts of. Entitled "Harman Kardon + Cortana: Premium Audio Meets Personal Assistant", the video has gathered a total of almost 170,000 views to date. The hardware showcases a black matte finish which makes the speaker look elegant and classy and fans cannot help but compare it to Amazon Echo's exterior, except for its emitted blue light.

"We're at the beginning of a technological revolution in artificial intelligence. The personal digital assistant is the interface where all the powers of that intelligence can become an extension of each one of us. Delivering on this promise will take a community that is equally invested in the outcome and able to share in the benefits", as quoted from a blog post in the Windows official site.

Considering that Google's Home Speaker had just recently gone through a price slash, what will Microsoft's Smart Speaker's fate in reviews be?

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