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Android, iOS Devices Could Be Breached By Wi-Fi Networks

Apr 11, 2017 10:48 AM EDT

No phone could be completely free of bugs. Not even smartphones that are powered by Android and iOS.

In some cases, these glitches on Android and iOS devices could range in severity. These issues could go with these technological flaws that could cause some apps to crash.

But there could be a worse result for Android and iOS users. These flaws could allow hackers in invading one's secure device. It could give hints to some problems on user privacy.

In an article published in ArsTechnica, a Google security researcher has unveiled a flaw that puts today's operating systems like Android and iOS in jeopardy. It is said that it could these smartphones could be easily penetrated because of connecting through wifi.

Google security researcher Gal Beniamini has revealed in his blog called Google Project Zero that a hacker within the range of a WiFi network could hack both the Android and iOS systems. What is more alarming is that these men could execute an arbitrary code on a device they targeted even in a secured WiFi connection.

What is scarier is that these hackers could have full control of a smartphone powered by Android and iOS. These exploits could be done through a suspicious link or a bug-infested file download but in Beniamini's discovered threat, these hackers could access the device only with WiFi.

Fortunately, Apple was signaled about their system's loophole and fix it with an update release of iOS 10.3.1. There are still no words from the guys behind Android about this discovery.

In order for iOS users to keep safe from this malicious hacking attack, they just have to update their iPhone and/or iPad to prevent the glitch on their devices. Unfortunately, Android users have yet to wait for an update in order to prevent anyone from hacking their phone.

iPhone and iPad users only have to update their current firmware to prevent the glitch. Unfortunately, Android users are not that lucky.

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