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AMD Vega Release Date, News, Update: Company Stocks Slumped; AMD Leveraging On HBC, HBM2

Apr 11, 2017 06:37 AM EDT


The AMD Vega was reportedly not able to help the company in pulling its shares up. Moreover, AMD brings to the new architecture the HBM2 and HBC technologies with Vega as the first to feature the said innovation.

AMD is a company famous for its technological innovations, is planning to release AMD Vega. This release is supposed to be at the side of with its much-publicized Ryzen line of processors.

It has been understandable that the anticipation of the tech world for the release of AMD Vega and AMD Ryzen is already high. On the other hand, making it as the-talk-of -the town does not prevent the AMD's stock shares from dropping. Since last week, its value is 9% down. This current crisis of the AMD is blamed to a Wall Street analyst who grilled AMD's ability to compete with other semiconductor companies.

Despite the high confidence to CEO Lisa Su and her management to the company, AMD investors have received an odd "sell" recommendation Toshiya Hari, an analyst from Goldman Sachs. In the recommendation, according to Fortune, he said that the AMD's stocks might decrease to as much as 20% and given this figure, the cost of the shares would result to only $11. Due to this commencement from the analyst, many of the investors in AMD let go of their shares, despite the supposed success the AMD Vega and Ryzen would have.

It would be a major setback to the AMD since they are still in the struggle in regaining their stability in CPU and GPU markets. To gain back their lost, CEO Su is leading the AMD in rolling out some new products. The line of chips from AMD Vega is being anticipated to raise the company's value but the simple news about the upcoming release is not reportedly helpful to enhance the stocks.

The AMD Radeon RX Vega is one of the most highly anticipated cards that is set to overthrow the then fastest card in the market, the NVIDIA GTX 1080 Ti. AMD brings to the new architecture the HBM2 and HBC technologies with Vega as the first to feature the said innovation, as reported by Tweak Town.

The Sunnyvale-based company also posted an increase in video game consoles and made a new deal with a Chinese manufacturer for server chips. However, AMD has still to go through the GPU market held by NVIDIA or the CPU by Intel. Observers claim that AMD Ryzen and AMD Vega may soon make the inroads that AMD has coveted for a long time.

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