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Microsoft Surface Phone 2017: Specifications, Release Date & Price

Apr 11, 2017 06:32 AM EDT


At the same time as phone fans preserve going berserk over the possibility of Microsoft's Surface phone launching this year, the Redmond-based tech titan has kept away from divulging details about the highly predicted smartphone.

Notwithstanding, Microsoft preserves details about its Surface phone under wraps, this did not stop the rumor going on about the speculations of the smartphone. Here is a rundown of the Microsoft Surface smartphone's anticipated launch, specifications, price, and functions.

Microsoft's choice to launch a Microsoft Surface phone makes logical sense given that it's still riding high on the massive success of its Surface Pro and Surface book gadgets. Nonetheless, the popular software maker has been secretive concerning its mobile targets following the dissolution of its partnership with Nokia reported Express.

However, information about the Microsoft surface phone had been pouring in from all corners in the form of leaks. Lining to this, a brand new patent filing, which becomes lately public indicated that Microsoft has implemented in a unique multi-layered phone display, that's built on tiled panels with a curve at the edge.

The curves reportedly draw the light away from the gaps, giving the display an appearance of one continuous picture. But, the purported ultimate Microsoft Surface phone needs a lot extra than only a hinged design in order to transform into a tablet or the full windows 10 desktop apps.

It is vital for Microsoft to feature effective hardware and captivating innovation on to the upcoming Microsoft Surface smartphone in order to take on the likes of Apple and Google smartphones. Presently, the speculated Qualcomm chips, beefier storage capability, twin-lens camera, 3D-capture are just traditional specifications.

According to Trusted Reviews, the Microsoft Surface phone is anticipated to pack the trendy Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset. The third generation Snapdragon chips are the first to use the 10nm system node, which warrants a forty percentage power consumption while providing a good sized 27 percent boost in overall performance.

The Microsoft Surface phone will include 6GB of Ram. The surface phone will also have a dual lens digital camera setup and 3D capture technology which resembles Intel's RealSense.

This may align perfectly with the company's work with the HoloLens and Windows Holographic, as a result the capability to capture and import 3D pictures directly to Windows via a smartphone might be a perfect feature to include. The lower-end Microsoft Surface smartphone is anticipated to come bearing a price tag of $699, whilst the higher-end version may sell for $1,099.

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