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Prisma Download On Fire As Filter App Gets New Upgrade

Apr 11, 2017 05:17 AM EDT

Beauty is in the brink of the filter. This may probably the favorite tweaked quote of any Prisma lover. There is more to be happy about as the filter app smartphone users adore upgrades to offer an even vaster array of filters to choose from.

Prisma Labs, the developers of Prisma announced the exciting news early this week. They mentioned that the new filters were inspired by famous artists and painters and their equally famous works. For this reason, the art communities immediately had something to rave about last Monday, since the filters ranging from twenty and above in number are still all downloadable for free.

In an article by Androidpolice, Prisma will be more likely to offer the app usage for free as it has always been since it was released. There was never a time that Prisma developers turned to in-app purchasing to gain profit. Prisma app is known for having photos turned into magical artworks within seconds after applying the filters. Now, users will be pleasantly surprised with the additional button inviting them to view the new filters installed. These new filters are brought up into the screen as users click on the "Get more styles" button. Aside from the new ones, old filters are still in the usual business of upgrading photos into fancier looks that the app users learned to love.

Browsing will also never become boring as filters get categorized into groups that make sense. The filters featuring different ranges of tones, saturation and hues show a different effect on every photo. Users can also personalize the usage of the filters they most commonly pick. The app will be able to detect what filters are most used and prioritize displaying them in the list of favorites.

More opportunities of personalizing the app will be made more available in the near future as reported by Ubergizmo. However, the specific date or year that these updates will be applied are not yet clear.

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