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Android Pay News: Now Available To 13 More U.S. Banks

Apr 10, 2017 11:58 AM EDT


Android Pay support has been expanded to 13 more banks, which include the Bank of Stockton, Maquoketa State Bank, the Conway National bank, and the Infirmary Federal Credit Union. The newest expansion of Google's mobile payments solution comes immediately after the platform added 51 more financial institutions to its list of supported banks the previous month.

According to Android Insider, Apple has been steady including new institutions to Apple Pay since its launch in late 2014, which include more than 20 banks in this week alone. International expansion has also advanced, with its debut in Taiwan last week, and arrival in Italy expected soon.

In overall, about 100 new banks within the United States of America started using Android pay this year and if latest developments are any indication, the number of users will in all likelihood keep growing the coming months.

As for this newest expansion, apart from the aforementioned institutions, Android Pay is now additionally supported by Boundary Waters bank, Citizens bank of the South, Country bank for savings, Countryside bank, First Green bank, Greenfield Cooperative bank, First State bank of the Florida Keys, Indiana University Credit Union, and the McFarland State bank reported Android headlines.

A number of banks in the United States of America just like the Commercial Bank of Kansas City are yet to begin using the platform despite offering support for Apple Pay since its debut, but there is still no particular time frame regarding when such a thing may take place.

Likewise, whilst the system has recently been expanding stateside in a rapid manner, Android Pay's global expansion has bogged down the same time. While the platform is officially available in countries like the United Kingdom and Australia, It is nonetheless constrained to a small range of financial establishments in those markets, and it's presently uncertain when its worldwide growth is scheduled to renew.

However, some developments in December suggested for Android Pay in Canada is just around the nook, the mobile payments platform nevertheless hasn't made its way to that country and Google has yet to provide customers with an official update on the state of affairs. On the intense facet, it is evidently that many owners of Android devices inside the United States of America will be able to start the use of Android Pay in some unspecified time this year, depending on their bank of choice.

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