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Samsung Galaxy S8 Comparison News: Alternative Smartphones to Feature Powerful Specs with Budget- Friendly Prices

Apr 10, 2017 10:18 AM EDT

Seeing the price tag of Samsung's latest device makes some people looking for Samsung Galaxy S8 cheaper alternatives. The Galaxy S8 itself costs around £689 whereas the Galaxy S8+ is priced at £779.

The gadget will hit the store around the end of April so if the waiting game is too long or the price tag is too much, there are Samsung Galaxy S8 cheaper alternatives that can be considered. The budget-friendly options come from brands like Google with its Pixels phone, LG with its powerful LG G6, continued with Sony with its Xperia XZ Premium, Huawei with the P10, and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

Those Samsung Galaxy S8 cheaper alternatives are considered not only to have a budget-friendly price but also boast powerful specs as the South Korean Smartphone Manufacturer's latest flagship android handset. Compared with the Google Pixels, both device features the same Snapdragon 835 processor and 4GB of RAM. Google Pixels, however, has the upper hand in terms of camera, internal storage (128GB), and price tag (£529). For those who have an interest in photography and looking for powerful specs and usability with cheaper price, this Smartphone might fill in the need.

Other Samsung Galaxy S8 cheaper alternatives also include the LG G6. Although in terms of specs and features this phone is falling behind from the Galaxy S8, it is still recommended for those who have a budget limit especially because this gadget costs around £649 below the Galaxy S8' price. According to Express, Sony Xperia XZ Premium has similar specs to Galaxy S8; however, two things that excel from this Smartphone is its budget-friendly price (predicted to be at £599) and the Motion Eye camera system that gives the Predictive Capture, making it the suitable gadget for photography lovers.

Huawei P10 can be considered as one of the Samsung Galaxy S8 cheaper alternatives as the mobile has a better camera feature than Samsung's latest android handset and definitely more budget friendly with its £30.99 price tag. With that being said, the Smartphone's specs aren't a good match with the Galaxy S8' specs.

If none of those above hook interest, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge can be the Samsung Galaxy S8 cheaper alternatives. This device is good to go with its price at £589, boasting pretty good specs although not as powerful as the Galaxy S8.

As one of the powerful device, it's hard to find the Samsung Galaxy S8 cheaper alternatives that boast the same powerful specs as it. Samsung's latest phone is sitting on the top of the android markets right now, even reaching the Saudi Arabia stores. It is reported that Pre-order of Samsung Galaxy S8 in Saudi Arabia region will get the mobile before May 5, coming with a starter kit (a wireless charger, clear view cover, and screen protector), as reported by Arabnews.  

To know other Samsung Galaxy S8 cheaper alternatives, watch the video below. It will show you other budget Smartphones including Moto G4, Microsoft Lumia 650, and iPhone 5s.

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