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NES Classic Edition Stock Update: Tips on Where & How to Buy Scare Retro Console

Apr 10, 2017 09:28 AM EDT


NES Classic Edition has been hard to get since they have launched. Stocks of the NES Classic Edition across major U.S. retailers have been going by fast, namely at Best Buy, Target, and GameStop, Amazon to name a few.

Aside from the high demand, the consoles don't stay long on in stores as of scalpers looking to make a quick buck out of them. For example, eBay has a listing of $59.99 NES Classic Edition for $1,000. Nintendo NES Classic Edition stock will soon be available at Target and at JB Hi-Fi for Australian fans. For those who prefer online purchase, many media outlets recommend Amazon Prime Now for the secured transaction after fake retailers have begun popping out, as reported by Kotaku.

There are also the listings over at Best Buy for the NES Classic Edition. Considering it recently held a sale, it might not take long until it kicks off with another one, so you can grab it from there also.

For getting your hands on retro console NES Classic Edition GameStop is one of the many retailers that buyers can rely on, regardless of an executive saying there'll be a supply problem for the rest of the year. However, the stock could replenish soon, although they might come in bundles like before.

To be honest, NES Classic Edition is out of stock at the time of writing, and the links above just lead to pages which are worth keeping an eye on in case the consoles suddenly become available.

Beyond just knowing where to buy the Switch and NES Classic Edition, gamers also need to keep some tips in mind to increase their chances of getting the consoles. First of all, you are advised to be ready before the sale even starts, which means login to your account and load up the retailer's website ahead of time or go to your local branch before the doors open.

Secondly, have a stable internet ready at all time, this will help you make sure you snag the console as soon as you can. Another important tip is to get the autofill feature to work with you, as this will save you some time entering your shipping details. To set this up, you have to buy something from the retailer's website previous to start ordering the NES Classic Edition. You can just quickly refund your order, however, but that depends on the store.

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