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‘Samsung Galaxy S8’ Features That Most People Didn’t Know About

Apr 10, 2017 04:43 AM EDT

Consumers might think that all the details following the successful launch of the newest Samsung flagship have been divulged. However, some people were surprised to discover that Samsung Galaxy S8 has more to offer: a treasure trove of features that has gone unnoticed during its promotion and subsequent release.

According to Phone Arena, aside from the now-common knowledge that Samsung Galaxy S8 sports a new Infinity Display, the Biby virtual AI, and other key features, the newest Samsung flagship is also equipped with a multi-frame image processing. Samsung developed an image processing algorithm that allows the Galaxy S8 camera to take three photos in one shot. However, the said algorithm selects the clearest image as the baseline and uses the other 2 to reduce blur.

Most people know about what happened to the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and its battery issues. To avoid this from happening again, Samsung implemented an 8-point battery safety check to make sure that the batteries on these Samsung devices won't suffer the same fate as the doomed Note 7 flagship. For the Samsung Galaxy S8, however, the South Korean tech giant went beyond what's expected of them and made sure that their battery degrades slower over time. The Galaxy S8 can maintain close to 95 percent of effective battery capacity during typical charging and discharge process, about 15 percent more than its older sibling, the Samsung Galaxy S7.

A previous article from Droid Report revealed that the Samsung Galaxy S8 would be one of the first smartphones to utilize the fastest LTE speed. This is due to the combination of the powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset and the 4X4 MIMO, Carrier Aggregation, and 256QAM technologies already existing within the T-Mobile network, as the report suggests. In essence, this would mean that a 2-hour movie can be downloaded in just 15 seconds.

The much talked-about Infinity Display of the Samsung Galaxy S8 lives up to its hype. The Galaxy S8 would be the first ever smartphone to acquire the UHD Alliance's Mobile HDR Premium certification. This means that consumers can rest assured that they can have the best HDR viewing experience when watching shows from Amazon and Netflix. Not only that, the aspect ratio 18:9 is destined to become the benchmark for the future and even Google urged Android developers to optimize their apps to support the new aspect ratio.

These features, while not so well-known at the moment, are just a few of the key virtues of the Samsung Galaxy S8 that has gone unnoticed during its whirlwind promotion and subsequent release. Other features such as the one-handed control for camera application, availability of the home button, customization of soft keys and colors, and fast wireless charging are also notable aspects of the newest Samsung flagship. That said, consumers can expect that more goodies will be discovered from this treasure trove as users being to explore the Galaxy S8.

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