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PlayStation VR News: Sony Plans To Showcase The PSVR On Theme & Arcades In Japan

Apr 10, 2017 10:07 AM EDT


Banking on their achievement for PlayStation VR (PSVR), the company is planning to hit the arcade. Its global achievement and the growing popularity of VR is pushing Sony to think about improving

It was reported by PlayStation Lifestyle that Sony is aiming to carry PlayStation VR on family theme parks and arcades. The initiative probably is the first to be realized in japan due to the slow adoption of the VR unit in its consumer marketplace.

Sony has already fashioned a team work on bringing the PlayStation VR on different markets. The expansion will aim to entice buyers on trying the VR headset before making a purchase. The Japanese group's video game first announced the plan last month. However, sources close to the company stated that a group will lead the VR initiative and look for partners in the industry reported WSJ.

It was revealed that since its creation in October, the PlayStation VR has emerged as the most popular VR headset for homes. The records came from studies carried out by firm IHS Markit firm. But, the company additionally believes that the technology nevertheless stays unfamiliar to purchasers.

Sony's way of promoting the PlayStation VR to business owners would possibly assist in the run long. Nonetheless, Individuals that are aloof to VR can benefit a new perspective on how VR works within the company's new initiative business.

Nevertheless, Sony's music section in japan has already signed a partnership with Tokyo-based Hashilus. The company focuses on VR technology and offers leisure content at public locations.

It was speculated that Hashilus has been known to carry VR to museums, landmark building, and theme matter parks. Sony's VR competitors have additionally pursued a similar business method to its customers. The Oculus rift and the HTC Vive have already featured VR excursions in theme matter parks for customers.

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