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Apple iPad 2017 Review: Latest Tablet Best Known As iPad SE For Minor Improvements, Price

Apr 08, 2017 03:32 AM EDT


Apple has released a 9.7-inch iPad and now the debate is out on whether one should get it or not. Seeing that it hardly comes with noticeable improvements, the decision to that depends on purpose on the end of a buyer. Will it be for an upgrade or simply because they want to have the latest Apple tablet in their hands?

The answer to that will vary. The wise buyer may opt to pass on the Apple iPad 2017 and wait for the next one. Assuming that this is the case, what are they passing up?

The Changes to the Apple iPad 2017

Faster performance and a brighter screen headline the Apple iPad 2017. It is bigger and heavier compared to the iPad Air 2 but runs on a faster A9 processor. Thanks to its heavier mold, Apple was able to integrate a larger and longer-lasting battery, addressing concerns on longevity.

Moving down the features of the Apple iPad 2017, the WiFi feature has shown great improvement. Considering we are in an age where faster connections are a must, that is a big plus. Other features include an 8 MP main camera, 1 MP front camera and internal storage starting at 32 GB, PC Magazine reported.

Best for starters and money saving folks

Speaking of storage, the choice of capacity will also drive the price. The Apple iPad 2017 32 GB version is priced at $329 while the 128 GB version costs $429 for the WiFi models. LTE models cost more at $459 for the 32 GB variant and $559 for the 128 GB model, CNet reported.

Doing the math, the Apple iPad 2017 is shaping up to be the base model that may not be made for the advanced users. There are higher variants expected with the 10.5-inch model seen as the recommended buy for those who want to upgrade. The other is, of course, the humongous 12.9-inch model which seems catered for business and commercial use.

Depending on intent, the 9.7-inch Apple iPad could be a wise buy for first-timers. Folks who have the previous model may want to hold off for now. It gives them enough time to save up and check back again on next models set for release by the Cupertino company.

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