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DJI Spark Drone Images & Video Leaked Online; Drone Maker May Launch Its Smallest Drone Yet

Apr 08, 2017 03:29 AM EDT

DJI is reportedly launching a new drone soon that is noted to be the company's smallest one yet. A number of leaked images of the new drone, which is being called as DJI Spark, are rolling out on China-based DJI forums. The leaked images do not reveal much about the design of the drone and there are still questions whether the new model will also have foldable layout just like the DJI Mavic Pro or not.

While the original source which leaked the DJI Spark images is unknown, Tech Crunch was able to find a number of images before the post was taken down from the forum. Moreover, DJI has not provided an official statement on the unveil of any such drone for now but the company did trademark the name "Spark" for its upcoming drone.

As seen in the leaked DJI Spark drone images, viewers will be able to spot a tiny drone comprising a vertically adjustable camera. This hints that the new drone may be designed specifically for selfie enthusiasts. According to various drone-based forums, DJI's smallest drone may be built for racing.

A leaked video of the DJI Spark drone has been shared below that reveals the prototype design of the latest gadget. As seen in the video, the device features a camera which can be adjusted with vertical movements. No updates on whether the device is foldable are witnessed in the video, which might not be there as the size of the drone is already too small.

In addition, there might not even be a controller for the DJI Spark drone and it might be operated using a smartphone app, the Verge reported. DJI reportedly came into the limelight with its DJI Phantom drones. Later the DJI Mavic Pro came out and has since been one of the best drones in the market. So, with the launch of the Spark, there are little chances that Mavic Pro's price will witness a drop.

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