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Modular Mac Pro Expected to Release in early 2019; Reasons Why Apple Develops this Gadget

Apr 07, 2017 11:14 AM EDT

Apple has announced that the current Mac Pro won't have any major update anymore as a brand new Apple Modular Mac Pro is under development right now. There's no news on when the tech giant company will finish the project, but they stated that if everything is good, the launching date might be in early 2019.

With the Apple Modular Mac Pro is in progress, the company still sells the previous versions of MacBook Pro with almost half-price the original's cost. The MacBook Pro isn't the only thing that got a discount, the Thunderbolt 3 and USB-C accessories will also get cut-price.

The reason why the company develops the Apple Modular Mac Pro is due to the enormous negative feedbacks that it received from MacBook Pro with Touch Bar users. Apple notices this was a major problem after seeing the increasing orders for older MacBook Pro series instead of the new models.

According to 9TO5Mac, lacking Mac Pro updates is also another reason why consumers start to lose their heart from the device. All of that reasons are well-founded enough for Apple to plan its next move.

It is said that the decision to move ahead with Apple Modular Mac Pro is quite a sudden and has been planned only in recent months. The development of this latest gadget itself has just started a few weeks ago.

The company, up until now, hasn't share anything specific about its new Apple Modular Mac Pro. The US-based company, however, promises that the modular design will allow professional users to receive new hardware update on a regular basis.

Apple executives said that its upcoming gadget, Apple Modular Mac Pro will be able to handle the VR software and premium cinema editing, also supporting the high-end single GPUs, as reported by MacRumors. There will be a chance that Apple will ship this device with an Apple-branded professional display, however, no words are confirmed by Apple so it's best to take this news with a pinch of salt.

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