May 13, 2021 | Updated: 08:45 AM EDT

Samsung To Maximize Production Of The Galaxy S8 Plus; Details Here!

Apr 07, 2017 10:20 AM EDT

Latest updates have revealed that Samsung has maximized the production of its new Galaxy S8 plus. According to reports, the Korean-based tech company is increasing its production ratio in favor of the Galaxy S8 plus.

The new report suggests due to the high demand for Samsung's higher-priced Galaxy S8 plus, the tech giant is now maximizing the production of the device in order to meet the increased demand. According to XDA-Developers, the Galaxy S8 plus now makes up for 45 percent of the total output from the previous 40 percent from mid-March.

Although it is believed that the adjustment is due to the warm reception it is receiving from retailers, the report stated that the developer's sudden increase in production could be interpreted to mean an attempt to reclaim the parts of the market it lost last year due to the lack of a phablet device. It is also reported that Samsung is planning to further increase the production ratio once the device when it is released to consumers later this month.

According to BGR, the increase in production ratio is not going to affect only Samsung but other suppliers as some of the parts used were supplied by different companies. Samsungs sees the higher demand for the Galaxy S8 plus as a welcomed development and the developer is now expecting big sales for the new flagship smartphones.

Recent reports indicate that the developer had initially concluded on a 60/40 sales split, with 60 percent representing all new Galaxy S phones and smaller Galaxy S8 models, while 40 percent represents the larger Galaxy S8 plus models. But the developer has now increased the proportion of Galaxy S8 plus to 45 percent of total production instead of the previous 40 percent based on pre-orders and reception from retailers.

It is reported that the ratio could even bump to 50:50 when the device launch. However, it seems that, to some users, bigger devices are better even though not in terms of build quality.

Many fans prefer larger device because of some of the advantages derived from it like a larger display for web browsing, watching videos or movies and playing games. It is reported that the new Infinity Displays introduced by the developer give users an edge-to-edge experience for their viewing pleasure and that both sides of the display almost seems to melt into the back of the device, thus making the display seem easier to hold and much larger.

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