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Apple To Release Revamped Apple Watch 3 On Q2 of 2017

Apr 07, 2017 06:44 AM EDT

Apple Watch 3 is reportedly going to be released by Q2 of 2017. Apple is speculated to revamp its smartwatch series, thus this latest version will include enhanced performance and battery life. Various reports now claim that there is a good chance that the forthcoming wearable will be launched in September 2017. It is expected to share the limelight with the upcoming iPhones that will be showcased around the same time.

As far as the features are concerned, Apple Watch 3 is expected to have increased battery life and improved performance compared to its predecessor. It claims to have a quick charging feature and users will be able to charge anywhere - at home or on the go. According to Mac Rumors, in addition to its faster processor and longer battery life, the rumored cellular connectivity will finally be included. It reported that LTE capabilities could be added in Series 3 models. Cellular connectivity in Apple Watch 3 will give users the ability to make phone calls and also stream music without their iPhones.

Meanwhile, iTech shared that the overall design for the Apple Watch has not changed over the years. However, Apple Watch 3 is expected to shift to a glass-film touch screen from the current touch on its lens solution. Apple also offers new bands each season for a fresher look and feel. Additional reports say that Apple Watch 2 will remain available even after the official launch of the latest Apple Watch 3. Quanta Computer is responsible for manufacturing both Apple Watch 2 and Watch 3. In line with this, production for Apple Watch 2 will shift to Compal Electronics once Apple Watch 3 is made available in the market.

Other details about the next Apple Watch are yet to be known at this point. Consumers and fans alike of the Apple wearable will certainly look forward to this latest device.

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