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Xbox One’s Latest High-End Version Named ‘Project Scorpio’: Designed to Win Developers Back

Apr 07, 2017 04:17 AM EDT

The latest high-end version of Xbox One named "Project Scorpio" has been designed to win developers back. Winning the hearts and mind of developers might also mean having a pricey corporate investment, but yielding a high-quality console upgrade for product longevity. Since this attempt is projected to be for mutual benefits, how can this affect the relationship they used to have with Xbox developers back, just like in the days of Xbox 360.

According to reports from Game Spot, Microsoft wanted to adopt the same relationship they used to have with developers during the Xbox 360's regime. In an interview with Mr. Mike Ybarra, Corporate Vice President of Xbox and Windows gaming, he mentioned how the team looked back at the developer relationship they used to have. They used to have the best platform for Xbox One developers and regret that they have sort of lost that in two years. Their challenge is on how to win back the mindshare of the developers.

In addition to this, reports said that Ybarra conveyed that the company's focus is to guarantee that developers will have a toolset that will enable them to create the absolute finest version of their games. Microsoft's decision to create a new Xbox One in its more powerful version was also influenced by the hardware being established by the phone industry's iteration model. Ybarra explained of consumers' expectation on technology as if contents just flow across those devices without even having to wait for it.

As per release report by Eurogamer, while it is certain that winning developers' hearts back is one of the main reasons for working on Project Scorpio, Ybarra added that in reality, the company needs a mid-console upgrade to upsurge the durability of the Xbox One product cycle. The Corporate Vice President also mentioned their need to fix technical flaws of the Xbox One. He believes that the company is taking a risk with Project Scorpio version, aside from the fact that it is an expensive investment, the high-end version needs to meet the premium customer expectation to produce an ultimate game satisfaction.

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