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Google I/O 2017: The Updates You Should All Be Looking Forward To

Apr 06, 2017 06:25 AM EDT


Google I/O 2017 is getting more imminent and tech enthusiasts from all over the world are now ready for updates for the big event. The whole event is scheduled to take place at the Mountain View's Shoreline Amphitheatre on May 17 to 19. In this three-day event, everything is expected to be filled with noteworthy revelations.

Android Central reported that the highlight of the Google I/O 2017 will focus on the direction in which Google products will taking on for this year. It is shared that since Google's products are mature compared to others, it is possible that there won't be any major changes on the user-facing side. Customers may have mixed feelings regarding these speculations but if there is a certainty, Google will continue pushing the Android and Chrome platforms forward.

It is also expected that Google will officially announce the latest Android version rolling under the "O" code name during the Google I/O 2017. Android O may still be considered in its early stages but expect the firm to announce it as the best Android version yet. Moreover, Google is likely to have its continued effort in developing its users' VR experience.

Google I/O 2017 should also see Google to make efforts in combining Chromecast, Android TV, and Google Home to provide users with assistance in everything they need in virtually any place. With all these developments, Google has made it certain that it is working on making the internet as a service so that its users can take advantage of and experience it as it should be.

Over the years, Google has created great products and services of its own and is continuously working on further developments. It is for certain that Google will share updates that are worth seeing and hearing at the upcoming Google I/O 2017. Ultimately, Google will also be gearing up for a surprise or two during the event. Now for those who'd like to get a hold of what's to come, you can view this link for the initial wave developer sessions.

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