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‘Dark Souls 3’ Patch 1.32 Update brings Adjustment to the Final DLC, ‘Ringed City’

Apr 06, 2017 04:22 AM EDT


"Dark Souls 3" is a very famous action-adventure RPG that was created by From Software. The Japanese video game company has recently released the "Dark Souls 3" Patch 1.32 update for its blockbuster hits title series.

"Dark Souls 3" Patch 1.32 update will give a fix to the final DLC "Ringed City." The gameplay will invite players to explore and voyage to the end of the world, requiring players to avoid not only traps but also some kind of sharp sticks that poking around in the way.

Before the "Dark Souls 3" Patch 1.32 update, players need to stay cautious because the dungeon is full of traps and even the treasure chests can eat the characters if they're not careful. The most important thing is the new floating angels that can set gamers alight with its fire arrows and kill them almost instantly if users are careless.

PCGamesN reports that after the "Dark Souls 3" Patch 1.32 update implemented, however, the angel's fire arrows will slightly be reduced. Alongside with the damage reduction, the patch will also make the angels vulnerable to the Hidden Body sorcery.

"Dark Souls 3" Patch 1.32 update also includes a damage increasing of raw infusions including the climb up from heavy infusions at lower weapon levels. The Patch will reduce not only the angel's fire arrows but also the damage received from the Exile Greatsword as well as reducing the scaling of heavy infusions on lighter weapons, and some bug fixes.

According to Gamingbolt, "Ringed City" is the second and final expansion for the "Dark Souls 3." This could mean that "Dark Souls 3" Patch 1.32 update will be the last fix that From Software brings to this game.

After today's server maintenance, "Dark Souls 3" Patch 1.32 update will be available for all platforms. Players don't have to download it manually because it's a server-side update. Gaming enthusiasts can see the full notes of the patch here.

The video below contains more information about "Dark Souls 3" Patch 1.32 update. Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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