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‘Persona 5’ Japanese Audio Language available as DLC; Reasons Why This RPG is Worth Playing

Apr 06, 2017 04:17 AM EDT

Having a very similar gameplay with its predecessor, Atlus "Persona 5" PS4 will invite players to be a Japanese high-schooler living a normal life at school but on the same time, also trying to solve a supernatural mystery. In the daylight, the characters will lead a typical teenager's daily life, but in the nighttime, they become 'Phantom Thieves', a group of idealist bearing mission to change the world.  

If the "Persona 4" allowing the characters to enter the alter dimension inside a TV, Atlus "Persona 5" PS4 will also include another alter dimension called the Metaverse, a place where adults showing their true colors. Players will be able to explore the spiraling dungeon similar to 'Tartarus' in "Persona 3" and steal the enemies 'heart' to bring a change in the real world.

Atlus "Persona 5" PS4 is almost like a cross between "Inception," "Ocean's Eleven," and "Akiba Strip." Featuring many details on the Japanese district landmarks, like Shibuya and Shinjuku in Tokyo, the game certainly brings many jaw-dropping reactions.

Players can freely explore those two famous districts included in Atlus "Persona 5" PS4 along with other landmarks in that area. It's also possible to walk to all the shops and restaurants, giving the feeling as if gamers are in Japan for real.

According to Express, the theme of Atlus "Persona 5" PS4  is also similar with its previous series, providing a usual Japanese pop-culture combination of friendships and romance experienced in the school daily life that needs to be balanced with the dungeon sprawling mission. The title will feature a day-night cycle including free-time that can be used to build up relationships with friends or do other activities.

Atlus "Persona 5" PS4 battle system is still using the traditional classic JRPG, the turn-based system. The party will consist of four members that players can choose freely and when the conditions are met, the party can perform an all-out attack.  

Fans that want to play Atlus "Persona 5" PS4 with the Japanese Audio Language might feel a little bit disappointed for the English release won't support that feature. Atlus, however, has confirmed that they will put the Japanese Audio Language as a free DLC containing a2.9GB download size, which available to download from the European or North American PlayStation Store.

The game developer is being generous with its latest title Atlus "Persona 5" PS4, releasing many DLC in this month and early into next month. Most of them, however, are paid DLC including "Catherine" costume and BGM set and "Persona 4" costume and BGM Special Set. There is also the "Persona 5" Swimsuit Set which luckily will be released as free DLC, as reported by Attackofthefanboy.  Watch the video below for the 50 minutes gameplay of Atlus "Persona 5" PS4. Don't forget to share this on your social media and leave a comment.

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