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NES Classic Edition Stock Available at Several Target Stores & Amazon Prime Right Now

Apr 06, 2017 03:15 AM EDT


Since Wednesday Nintendo NES Classic Edition is showing up in stock at many Target store locations. Also, Amazon is continuing to offer the Retro Mini Console through Amazon Prime Now. Nintendo has started to ship new NES Classic Edition stock last week and more stores are offering the NES again.

Target has reportedly managed to collect the bulk of Nintendo's new NES Classic Edition inventory. IStockNow triggered lots of alerts for Target stores in past hours like previous this week, according to i4u.

To find an NES Classic Edition at Target it is recommended using iStockNow and BrickSeek in combination. If both services list the NES is in stock at a select Target store, the probability is higher that this is certainly the case. It is also recommended to look for a change in the stock information over the time. If a store had zero NES the day before and now shows 12 in stock, then again the possibility is higher on finding you the NES at that store now,

Similarly, noted by Australian website Press-start, Vooks has also reported that Target has a fresh batch of stock in stores at Australia too. Not only do they have consoles, they've also got controllers in stock.

NES Classic Edition is available on Amazon Prime. Check your console's listing for your Zip code on Amazon Prime Now. Las Vegas was the latest city to that was offered the retro mini console. The local delivery service of Amazon has offered the NES in select cities. The supply is extremely restraint. Shoppers can get notified about the NES Classic accessibility on Amazon Prime Now with iStockNow.

The NES Classic Edition supply has not improved considerably after months on the market. Target and Walmart stores have been the source of NES hunters a couple weeks ago, however, these stores have not gotten major new stocks in a long time. The last time the NES was on sale on for the regular retail price of $59.99 was on Feb. 23.

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