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Uber Self-Driving Cars Are The Worst According To Data

Apr 06, 2017 01:20 AM EDT

The popular transportation network slash cab alternative - Uber, seems to be not having a decent year up until now. The way that new information from California simply set them among the most exceedingly bad, or in short say, worst - in the self-driving car space does not improve the situation either.

Six major players in the space were taken a gander at, including the likes of Google's Waymo and significant auto producers like Nissan and Tesla. In every one of them, Uber was found to have the most separations or occurrences where the computer needs to hand over control to a human, with approximately one withdrawal for each mile. Their reputation was bad to the point that they ended up being kicked out of the state. It shouldn't astound many to hear that Waymo won out, with every separation having a normal of more than 5,000 miles between them.

Another component of Uber's mishaps and a somewhat ironic one at that will be that they are under flame from Google, with affirmation expressing that they've stolen Google's LiDAR outline. These claims originate from Uber's obtaining of Otto, a self-driving startup that was established by a previous worker of Waymo.

Uber is not questioning that they utilized LiDAR in their self-driving cars, but rather that they've stolen the plan and usage of their LiDAR cluster from Waymo. On the off chance that these charges demonstrate genuinely, it would imply that the best self-driving firm on the list is actually utilizing the similar base technology as the worst: LiDAR permits self-driving vehicles to see their general surroundings in 360 degrees implementing light-based technology, and fills in as the reason for Waymo's self-driving technology.  

While it's still early on time in the self-driving game, there are a few conclusions that can be drawn from this information. The most evident conclusion is that Uber has not met their objective or even moved toward it; allegedly, CEO Travis Kalanick had said at one point that if Uber did not push out the competition in the self-driving space, they would confront insignificance, and in the long run bankruptcy.

The second conclusion is that Waymo is in the number one spot in the space by a greatly wide edge. The Google spinoff is, at present, in the best position to begin an open rollout of their technology, but is still keeping down and leading all the more testing. 


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