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AT&T Gives Free Access To HBO Through Its ‘Unlimited’ Data Plan

Apr 05, 2017 01:55 PM EDT

U.S carrier AT&T would like to draw fans of "Game of Thrones", "Silicon Valley" and "Westworld" to subscribe to their plan by giving a free access to HBO for its customers starting April 6.  All subscribers of AT&T's Unlimited Plus wireless service, both new and existing customers will automatically receive the free access to stream shows by the award-winning TV channel.

Also, AT&T Unlimited Plus clients are qualified for a $25 month to month video credit toward DirecTV, DirecTV or U-verse TV. The AT&T Unlimited Plus plan begins at $90 every month for one line. It incorporates unlimited data, talk as well as text, together with HD video, and 10 GB mobile Wi-Fi hotspot access per month per smartphone. HBO is the latest addition to the plan.

Signed last summer, the offer falls under the agreement of HBO and AT&T - which provided for distribution of the premium cable net's HBO and Cinemax services on DirecTV Now and covered future mobile-video bundles. According to HBO Executive Vice President of Global Distribution Bernadette Aulestia, the latest unlimited wireless plan shows AT&T continuing to innovate and give customers what they desire. She also said that HBO will provide the "valued benefits" of some of the most recent Hollywood movies as well as the greatest original TV shows.7

For those who are have subscribed HBO through an AT&T video service, HBO will now be included without any extra cost (free of charge). If you subscribe to an AT&T video service but not HBO, you will automatically receive access to the premium HBO channels as part of your wireless plan.

HBO is accessible for AT&T Unlimited Plus wireless subs via the DirecTV Now and HBO Go apps. However, if a customer uses 22 GB of data (per line), the carrier says that it may slow down the access speeds. This will not apply to AT&T wireless customers, as consumption of any video content from AT&T's services falls under the telco's Data Free TV program and isn't counted toward usage limits or the 22-GB threshold.


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