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Spotify Premium Users Get Better Access To New Albums

Apr 06, 2017 01:10 AM EDT


Everyone's music go-to app, Spotify, is now releasing a major announcement that may disappoint some heavy users who do not subscribe to their premium streaming service. Certain fans would be missing out on some features such as being able to listen to new releases from trending artists. This is after the Swedish company made a tie-up with Universal Music Group which enabled the app to score a contract on a multi-year and 'universal' platform.

As awesome as it sounds, the contract comes with a few adjustments that may affect user experience. Universal Music Group will be doing a 'screening' process on newly released albums which will only be enjoyed first by paid Spotify subscribers, whether desktop or mobile. According to Forbes, this adjustment will make 50 million subscribers happy; however, things are not looking so great for the rest of the fans.

The Spotify premium service, which costs around $9.99, is a standard fee that will empower paid subscribers to listen to any song and playlist of their liking, provided that they are not the brand new titles from the said music label. In a span of two weeks, the fresh releases will not be available in the playlists as how they were organized before. This would probably help boost Youtube views starting today. In an article released by The Verge, the representative of UMG stated in a press release that the new agreement is supposed to make way for artists' albums to be part of a more flexible term.

This news has been eyed by the public as a 'win' for UMG as this deal has been held off for a while now considering the effect it will surely have on the public. Not only can this bring great change to Spotify users, but also on the artists' following. According to Ars Technica, it can be recalled that Spotify was created in the cause of making music available for everyone. However, UMG wants to give breathing time before albums become available in music apps so fans could go and buy any album first in record stores. Newly released singles, on the other hand, will still be available for grabs on its first week.

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