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Galaxy S8 Launcher Now Downloadable For Samsung Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge; Steps On How To Install, Find Out Here

Apr 05, 2017 06:40 AM EDT

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus are one of the most-awaited Samsung mobiles this year. With its features and specs, it would be a big hit in the market. To feel the excitement, Galaxy S8 Launcher is now available on both Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge.

Android Authority reported that there are features of Galaxy S8 Launcher that users might enjoy including new navigation keys. It has a new Home screen, Recent Apps and Return Keys. The Rest Keys is a replacement of old home buttons from other Galaxy devices. Follow the steps in installing the launcher to find out what it can give you in your Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge.

First thing first, owners of the both mentioned models must have the updated Android Nougat OS before installing the Galaxy S8 Launcher. After that, you can download its .apk file. Search it in the Google or you may go to the website of XDA Developers forum where you can find several .apk files of the launcher. It does not have root required since your phone has an updated Android Nougat and you can download it in your phone or in PC.

When it has done, go to your My Files setting, if you are using your phone and you can find the .apk files. If not, please transfer the files onto the device to install it. You might encounter some prohibitions when installing Galaxy S8 Launcher since it is not an official app. Once you decided to install the app, there will be a pop-up box showing that your phone is blocking the apps with an unknown source. Simply click Settings and allow the installation. When installed, just press the home button and you will transfer to a new Home screen.

Galaxy S8 Launcher will install as an updated TouchWiz of Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Edge. However, not anyone will be impressed with the said launcher, and if it does happen, uninstalling is much easier. Go to the Applications and choose the TouchWiz Home. Click the three-dot menu located at the top right corner and select Uninstall Updates.

Together with the Galaxy S8 Launcher, Bixby is included in the downloaded app. BGR describes it as a virtual assistant differs from other AI systems. It could help the future users of Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Edge to navigate its features. Bixby offers easy device interactions. It understands natural languages. Even though you gave incomplete information, it can still interpret and take action.

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